Taking growth steps in 2021, Çeçen Food has established a food distribution organization and started business partnerships with leading companies in the sector on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. Çeçen Food represents years of experience in sales and distribution by meeting the expectations of its customers with the desired time and quality service understanding with its warehouse areas, vehicle fleet and qualified workforce.

Since the day it was founded, Çeçen Food has the products of its business partners, which are known in various countries of the world. Aiming to be the leader in the sector with its business partners, it continues to grow day by day with its service network reaching 6 thousand points throughout Istanbul in the sales and distribution of food products. It has become a leading and reliable sales and distribution company that always pleases its customers and business partners and makes them smile in the fields in which it operates. By creating the highest added value by developing services and applications that adapt to the changing lifestyles and commercial needs of its customers and business partners, it has adopted as a quality understanding to offer quality and healthy products in all sectors it has been in since its establishment, with its successful work team, and to lead the change and development in the sector.

Our Mission

To work to be a reliable, efficient, innovative company that adopts unconditional customer satisfaction with its entire team.

Our Vision

Offering high-level products and services with the perspective of continuous improvement in wholesale product supply; To be one of the innovative, dynamic and leading companies.

Customer Happiness

Working with an unconditional customer satisfaction policy, Çeçen Food has made this a working principle with its entire team.

Our Environmental Policy

Çeçen Food has adopted the principles of "Sustainable Development" in all its fields of activity in order to leave a livable world to future generations. All our work; We organize in line with the principle of respecting people, the environment and society.