Carbonated Drinks and Energy Drinks at Çeçen Food

One of the most frequently searched products on our platform is carbonated soft drink such as Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and usually Red Bull carbonated drink. These product advertisements attract great attention of buyers. Soft drinks are often sold on pallets at discounted prices. If the product's expiration date is close, the price is even lower. You can find many offers for this type of products in Chechen Food. Offers are submitted by food and beverage wholesalers in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland. Everything is great, but now that the products are ready, they are intended for a specific market and all their labels are in the language of that country. For example, the Coca Cola bottle label produced for the German market would be in German. What can be done in this situation?

The sale of products in a foreign language is prohibited. Let's not forget this and translate the label into Turkish and attach it to the product. The new label must be affixed on top of the original label. In this way, we can sell imported products. Of course, when choosing a product, the buyer may realize that it is not produced for the Turkish market, but if we offer a slightly lower price, you can be sure that no one will complain about it.