As there are many export transactions with different characteristics, when we consider it as selling a product to a country abroad, the export process also varies in terms of export documents, export stages and procedures to be prepared according to the product to be exported, the country to be exported and the export method.

Food Export

Although a special document or permission is not required to export food abroad, you can register as a member of some necessary organizations.

By getting it done (taxable real or legal entity, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Craftsmen, Exporters' Association of the exported product, Relevant Customs Administration.), the exporter identity and qualification is gained.

Then comes the work on finding the customer, signing the export contract, obtaining and preparing other necessary export documents agreed with the customer. While there are options such as participation in international fairs, company directories, trade delegations, trade consultancy, consulates, B2B sites, internet, social media, market research trips and potential customer visits in finding customers, professional support can also be obtained from export consultancy firms in this study, which is the international version of marketing. When the order is finalized, it is ensured that the export product is ready for export by producing / packaging / making it ready for loading.

It is agreed with the shipping company and the loading is carried out. Export documents, which are under their own responsibility, are prepared by the exporter company, shipping company and customs company by negotiating with the Customs Consultancy firm. (such as Packing List, Invoice, Invoice, Bill of Lading, A.TR - EUR1 - Certificate of Origin, Free Movement Certificates, Customs Declaration, etc.) Exported goods are exported abroad by carrying out customs procedures in the customs territory.

After the export, the return of the cost of the goods to the country (through the banks of the importer and exporter) is followed. During the process, if there are Eximbank, Kosgeb, DIR-Inward Processing Regime commitments, they are closed and VAT transactions are made.